About Us

CSRconnections is a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program planning firm. We believe that organizations, regardless of size, have a great opportunity to make a compassionate response to and significant impact in our communities and in the world. We know that today’s consumers, clients and employees have an increased awareness of companies that give back. CSRconnections is committed to supporting these efforts.

We know that when people gather there is energy and with that energy there is opportunity for compassionate serviceā€¦for corporate social responsibility. We will create a CSR program that will engage your attendees, expand your company profile and serve the communities in which you work and meet. More than a decade ago corporations embraced the bold idea of social responsibility, to bring their people together with a service opportunity. It is our absolute honor to learn about your CSR initiatives, educate you on different CSR profiles and connect you with a CSR program that aligns with your company culture.